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Electronic Building - Property Identity

The Electronic Building Identity has already been activated with the advent of 2021 as the "Building Identity" digital platform of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) has been put into full operation.

The Electronic Identity is a single digital database where all the necessary supporting documents, data and plans for each property will now be integrated, while only with its acquisition will the settlement of arbitrariness be considered complete.

From the beginning, the purpose of the Electronic Building Identity was to capture the existing state of the building or shared property and their building permits as well as to monitor and control their changes during their lifetime. So the fact that "the Electronic Building Identity will eventually be interconnected with other informational infrastructures, such as the Land Registry and the Unified Digital Map" is key. These platforms will have information about the property that will follow it in all changes of ownership status and in all services. For this reason, it is advisable to make a correct and timely recording of the arbitrariness of each property, accurate area measurement and new topographical mapping from specialized and experienced engineers.

The registration of the Electronic Building Identity can only be done by an authorized engineer, once the relevant required documents have been delivered to him. In the first phase, the plot/field must be registered and in the second phase the property. The engineer then issues the Building Identity Quote. Each Quote has its own authenticity key and exclusive Identity Code.

The engineer then applies for the issuance of a Building Identity Completeness Certificate, which includes his own certification that the property has (or does not have) irregularities and whether any irregularities have been fixed, as well as the details of the Extract.