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Building Permits

The technical office "Tyrchanidis" undertakes the issuance and supervision of building permits, from preliminary study to full processing.

A building permit is an approval that you must obtain if you intend to build a new home, but also for several other works. It is a difficult and complex process, which requires cost, time and great experience, which our technical office fully possesses.

We carry out any building permit, with speed, accuracy and consistency, carrying out all the necessary procedures. All you have to do is contact us.

We supervise the building permit for the construction, reinforcement, demolition, addition of any type of building, industrial premises, business premises, shops, residence.

When is a building permit required?

A building permit, according to the new building regulation, is required for the execution of any building work, such as:
a. Demolition of structures
b. Excavations, embankments, coatings, configuration of plots and fields for the purpose of building.
c. Placing scaffolding.
d. Erection, addition, repair of buildings and their annexes.
e. Alteration or repair of facades using scaffolding.
f. Change of use, in case there is a change for the worse, in the design loads of the static study or in the number of required parking spaces.
g. Construction and addition of any type of facility not otherwise defined by law.
h. Walls and enclosures not otherwise defined.
i. Construction of underground tanks.

How much does it cost to issue a building permit?

The cost of the building permit depends on the required studies, the square meters of the building surface, the area of the plot, etc.